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Farhan Abouassali


Farhan displayed an early interest and talent in art and won many awards for his exceptional ability in local, national, and international competitions. In 1988, he graduated with honor from the University of Damascus of fine Art, Interior Design department.

He is very passionate about his abstract art, and he works very diligently to produce his art.  The most rewarding satisfaction he gets is when people enjoy his paintings. He believes the viewer’s interpretation of his art is as valid as his own intent.     

Farhan has many strong points one of which design and color. On the other hand, he is talented in sculpture and interior design. He likes to create a sense of emotion and passion of positive vibes. Like his audience, Farhan is moved by events in history and philosophy. He also hopes that his art invokes an emotional response through its design elements and color composition. Through the pursuit of perfecting his own style, Farhan has developed great respect for artistic techniques and craftsmanship. He is always working on techniques that would convey art in many different ways.




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